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1 Dreams/Eat Your Vegetables by Anat Ronen- This mural represents our Downtown – simple, down to earth, family-orientated and fun. Remember, as a child, when one piece of candy could change everything? (2020)

Mandala by Callyn Sutrick- Mandala is a Sanskrit word that loosely translates to mean “circle” or “center”. We often see them as circular designs with repeating shapes and patterns. In some cultures, mandalas are used to aid in meditation and one’s spiritual development. (2020)

3 Want for Nothing and Have it All by Nova Czarnecki- Each time you look at this mural, you’ll see something different. The artist took everyday things that we take for granted and enlarged them so we can see and appreciate their beauty. Do you see a turtle’s arm? (2020)

4 Hope Floats by Vivian Johnson- Six-year-old Vivian used balloons to represent the 229 days she spent in NICU – can you count all 229 of them? (2020) 

5 Althea by Liz Hoover- The artist believes there is healing power or “althea” in plants and flowers. Did you know that the subject is holding a bouquet from Bank of Flowers? Even a smile can be healing. (2020)

6 Powerlines by Madelyn Mascotti- The artist wants to empower children to be whatever they dream to be. (2020) 

7 Joy by Kathleen Murphy Willer- This artist is known for hiding items in her pieces. On a canvas, she does it using pencil. On the mural, she used gray paint. Can you find the clock tower, tic tac toe, snowflakes and birds? She also “stitched” her mural to the wall. (2020)

8 Hunter’s Prayer by Taylor Berman- This concept features the Arcigera Flower Moth and one of its many natural predators, the Cuckoo, both species native to Wisconsin. The artist chose to focus on these species because he’s always been fascinated by animals’ natural relationships and interactions. (2020)

9 Welcome to the Village of Menomonee Falls by Art Lounge Artists- The mural not only ties all the murals together but also represents what Downtown is known for, both now and in the future. (2020)

10 The Blue Heron by Catherine Lottes- Inspired by a sighting of a Great Blue Heron on a dusk walk along the Menomonee River Valley. (2014)

11 Beyond Your Wildest Dreams by Fred Kaems- The artist calls this type of mural a “portal”. It looks as if the wall is broken and we are looking through it. (2020)

12 Timeless Walk in the Park by Art Lounge Artists- 96 ft mural with hidden master paintings, artists, family memories and animals. (2021)

13 Breaking Through History by Art Lounge Artists- Steam engine and old Menomonee Falls Building paintings from the early 1900’s, located in Old Falls Village. (2021)

14 Community Mural by Kids of the community & Art Lounge Artists- The kids of the community helped paint summer time flowers along with the help of the Art Lounge artists, located at Village Park. (2022)

15 Sunset Over Lavender by Art Lounge Artists- In honor of the Falls Sunset Concert Series and Falls Lavender Fest, located at Village Park. (2022)

16 Join us at the Depot by Art Lounge Artists- Representation of an early 1900’s advertisement for the beer garden to showcase the Old Falls Village Beer Garden, located at Old Falls Village (2022)

17 Hello Color by Hello Little Team- Full length of a building painted with 66 different colors in 66 squares symbolic of a rainbow (2021)

18 The Lily Pad by Art Lounge Artists- Adventures on Main Street with Monet’s Water Lilies (2023)    

19 Community & Growth by Emma Daisy- Vivid native flowers and plants to the Menomonee Falls area along with coffee berries painted on Polytab (mural cloth) while incorporating branded Fiddlehead colors (2022)

20 Big Chair by Stacie Estrada- Centennial Plaza’s picture-perfect location to take a photo and tag #menomoneefallsdowntown (2022)

21 Pieces of Me by Michael Bowers- Mural is made up of special puzzle pieces submitted by community members, friends and family (2023) 

21 Historic Menomonee Falls by Michael Bowers- Mural welcomes you into Menomonee Falls with a glimpse into the Village’s history dating back to 1869(2023)

Mural Map
festival of the art_logo updates_png_edited_edited.png
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