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Chalk Art is for EVERYONE

A chalk competition is an event where chalk artists gather to draw with chalk medium on the sidewalk or street area. Usually each artists gets assigned a square and they draw within a family friendly appropriate theme. 

falls festival of the arts chalk art competition

We bring the art making process to you

When artists draw or paint in the street it is very special to experience. They are bringing what would normally only happen in a studio to the public to see. Chalk artists engage the community by showing them art and even inviting questions. 

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falls festival of the arts chalk art competition




1ST PLACE = $300

2ND PLACE = $200

3RD PLACE = $100


Free registration to next year’s Chalk Art Competition


• Only registered artists may participate. Payment must accompany registration.

• All artists must read, agree to and sign an Artists Disclaimer & Waiver to participate.

• Art square spaces will be assigned at registration by the FFOA CHALK ART STAFF.

• Artists can begin as early as 8am and should be finished by 4pm on Saturday for Judging.

• Artists must be 13 years or older. A waiver will need to be signed by a legal guardian or parent of the artist who is under 18 years of age.

• Each artist will need to email a design concept/ sketch by August 18th to the Chalk Art Director.  If no design/ sketch is provided the artist will forfeit their spot on the competition. Email:


• ONE 24 box of Pastel Chalk will be provided for registered artists

• If you need additional colors, you may share or exchange chalk with other artists.

• You may also purchase or use your own chalk but it MUST be water-based.

• All unused chalk is yours to keep or please return to the Artist Check-in area.


• The event will go on rain or shine. The artists are responsible for protecting their chalk art.  Plastic drapes, tape, tents, or canopies can be used as needed.  All tents need at least 10 lbs per leg (40+ lbs for a tent)

• Chalk art is only to be produced in designated and assigned areas. Size of concrete area will be [TBA__’ x ___’]

• The art created must be suitable for public and family viewing (no nude or lewd work).

• No words, symbols, or caricatures intended as political statements may appear within the art.

• Art created must be culturally sensitive and appropriate, respecting the diversity promoted in our festival.

• Chalk art depicting or intended as an advertisement for a business, product, or service is not allowed.

• No banners, products, samples, or promotional brochures are allowed. Artists MAY hand out business cards.

•  FFOA CHALK ART STAFF reserves the right to refuse, stop or eliminate objectionable art or art not consistent with rules.

• Please try to keep your supplies to a minimum and well contained in your space.

• No boom boxes are allowed. You may wear portable headsets.

• No pets, please!

• Your chalk art must only include chalk. Any non chalk props or items used in the artwork will exclude art from judging. No business advertisements in the form of brochures or signage will be allowed in the main categories.

• Chalk Art Festival is a TOBACCO FREE Event. Artists using tobacco will be excluded from judging.

• Use of fixatives is prohibited 

• Chalks purchased outside of the festival must be WATER based. No oil pastels or other mediums allowed

• Unless a second chalk space has been purchased all art must stay contained in your own section, no exceptions 

• If reproducing an image originally created by another artist (living or deceased), it is important to credit the original artist and the title at the base of your painting


• Whisk broom or brush for cleaning the drawing surface. Do not blow the dust particles.

• A 2’ x Fu 2’ piece of heavy fabric, carpet square, or cardboard to sit or stand on to avoid smearing your work.

• A soft towel, gardener’s pad, or knee pads to kneel on.

• A chalkboard eraser, foam, terry cloth, or shortcut brushes for blending large areas of color.

• Water and a cloth or sponge to erase unwanted parts of your design.

• Old towels or rags to clean up as necessary.

• Masking tape for creating sharp borders, geometry. Tape must be removed when finished.

• Cotton, Latex, or Nitrile gloves to protect your fingertips and assist in blending colors.

• Sunscreen, sunglasses, or a hat sun exposure.

• Canopies allowed, no more than 10x10 at its base.  All tents need at least 10 lbs. per leg (40+ lbs. for a tent)

• Refreshments (Bring water and snacks) Keep open beverage containers away from chalk art.

• No glass allowed.

• Camera to take photos of your creation!


Event will go on Rain or Shine! It will be the responsibility of the artists to cover their own drawings with the tarps or large sheets of plastic and weigh it down. Only in case of severe weather, the event may be canceled.


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